What is Affiliate Marketing And How You Can Earn Money From it.

Affiliate marketing is the online marketing process where you can sell affiliate product and get a commission from it. In this process, you get a commission when someone purchases the product from affiliate ads.

Affiliate marketing process is totally different from other advertising programs like Google AdSense. In Google AdSense, you can earn money while someone clicks or view the ads which are placed on your website by Google. But in Affiliate marketing, you get paid while someone buys products from affiliate ads. Also, you can get more option in affiliate marketing like you can choose your choice products which do you want to sale.

For starting earning in affiliate marketing first you need to have your own website or blog. Create a website or Blog and drive traffic to your website through SEO tactics. When your website received a good amount of traffic, you can apply for the affiliate account verification process. We can take it example as Amazon Affiliate.

After Amazon Associate account approval, you will be able to see the dashboard. Go to products linking menu and select product link from its category. Now you can search that particular product which you want to advertise on your website. You can also search any specific product which is available on Amazon website.


It gives you the result of your specific search terms. In the search result, more products are available and you can also see links in front of every single product.


Now you can click on the link and paste it into your website. Within few seconds, affiliate product shown on your website. Now earning process is started.

Sometimes you can get up to 80% commission from Amazon Associate. You can also share your website link to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While someone purchases product, you will be paid by Amazon.

For better sale, use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic.  Which page of your website performs better than other pages? place ads on that particular page and you get extra chances to earn more revenue. There is also some other affiliate program is available in the market like commission junction. You can also try this if you want.

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